Indoor Winter Photoshoot Tips

Winter is coming and you will need some great indoor winter photoshoot ideas to make interesting patterns and images to capture in pictures. I suggest the use of a light box for your photoshoot. This is a black and white box that is mounted on your ceiling and contains a small digital camera, white balance copy of your image and a mirror. You then place your subject in front of the mirror and place the lightbox on their back. Turn the flash to the manual setting and use the self-timer for a one-second flash. Adjust the shutter speed according to your needs and take several shots.

If you are going to photograph young children then you may want to consider using a hooded umbrella and a snow plow to create a background for the images. You can get these items at your local art supply store or online. You can also paint snowflakes or make your own with white paint. White paint is easier to work with than the black paint.

There are many different rooms that can be perfect for an indoor winter photoshoot. The living room is always a good idea, as it has a large window so you have plenty of light. If you have an exterior balcony then this is also a great place to catch images. If you have a porch then I would suggest taking your images outside. Another idea is to take your winter photoshoot outside if the temperature is less cold.