DIY Cat House Ideas

A cat house is expensive to buy. Depend on it size and material, the price also get bigger. So why not make it by your self.

Making cat house is easy. You can make it from empty box and put hole on it for entrance and ventilation. Using cardboard is the easy material to choose. You just need scissor, cutter, and glue basicly.

Plywood is more sturdy and easy to shape. You just need to use handsaw or jigsaw to cut to your size you wanted. Nail and hammer to knock it down into box shape and it’s done. Plywood is soft so it easy to cut.

You may add decoration on it to make it more fancy. Adding carpet for the floor. Adding roof just like mini house. You can add what you like to your art taste.

DIY cat house is easy to make. It just need cheap material to make fantastic cat house. It just need skill and good references. These is some design that may help you make the house.