A Super Easy Chocolate Efficient Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are certainly the ultimate perfect dessert. I can’t say that enough. This dessert is so romantic and fancy, but so simple to make too, which makes them perfect for any occasion. My sister and I have been making chocolate covered strawberries for weeks now and it is a must have at every birthday, bachelorette party, an intimate gathering, and just as special as ever! The chocolate is one of the most important ingredients, of course, but the flavor of the strawberries really makes this dish shine.

The only chocolate used in this great dessert is dark, rich, unsweetened, high quality chocolate. I like to use a grade B Hershey’s Chocolate Bar to add even more richness and a smooth finish to this recipe. It is important to use quality chocolate; if you use low quality chocolate, your strawberries will not taste right. The recipe calls for strawberries that have been cut into thin layers, but if you do not have very good, thick chocolate then skip the cutting and just use a tiny bit of bitter chocolate to add a smooth, rich taste to your chocolate covered strawberries.

One of the fun things about this chocolate covered strawberry recipe is that there is no need to be an expert bather to make this recipe really work. All you need is a clean bowl and a fork. Then, all you need to do is spread some chocolate or dark chocolate over the top of your cake and then drizzle it with some more melted chocolate. If you do not want chocolate, you can use orange or lemon wedges to put in between your layers. Then, simply spoon some of the delicious sauce over the cake and stick in the end of the cake with a fork. You will have a yummy dessert!