20+ All You Need To Know About Bullet Journal

All You Need To Know About Bullet Journal. I like the color code. At first I did not mind to write bullet journal with color code system. But, for a long time, my view is broken when I see my bulleted journals page all written in black ink. Eventually I switched to the color system in my last journal bullet that yesterday.

Initially, Bullet journalku which in 2016 did have color criteria. The difference is, I just emphasize the theme of one color per month. It was spontaneous and I did not take it too seriously. For example for May 2016 I wear pink in every title, but the main contents for weekly and monthly spread I write in black ink.

For a long time I did not feel at home because there’s nothing I can do. Finally, I try to use color code.

Lovely Reader remember not the theory about left brain and right brain? The left brain is organized, using logic, calculations, analysis etc. While the right brain to process information about the visual (color and image), feelings, imagination, and all things smell of art.