Must-Read Eclipse On August 2017

Must-Read Eclipse On August 2017. A total solar eclipse occurs when the entire moon disc covers the solar disk. Because at that time the size of the moon disk is bigger than the size of the sun disk then the entire solar disk will be covered by the moon disk. As a result the sun disk that had been light seemed to disappear and caused a night in a very exotic day. Even stars and planets will be visible when the total solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipse August 21, 2017 will take place at 23:48 – 03:02 pm. While the partial solar eclipse will take place at 22:47 – 04:05 pm. The maximum duration of a total solar eclipse reaches 2 minutes 40 seconds and is centered in Illinois, USA. The total solar eclipse will cross the Pacific Ocean, the United States, and the Atlantic Ocean. While the solar eclipse will partially cross the Pacific Ocean, North America, South America, and Atlantic Ocean.

On August 21, the total solar eclipse will be seen clearlOn August 21, the total solar eclipse will be seen clearly in the United States (US), precisely on the coast of South Carolina to Oregon. Therefore, the US will hold an event called Great American Eclipse, and people have made their travel plans to get the best view of the astronomical phenomenon. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO), which monitors the Sun every day, sees the Moon as it passes in front of its star on 25 May. The observatory, known as SDO, is currently above 22,000 miles above Earth in an orbit above Mexico.

Unlike the eclipse that will be seen in August in the US, the eclipse that the SDO sees only partly, about 89 percent of the Sun is completely closed at one time. However, since the actual work of the observatory is photographing the Sun, NASA can combine the transit photographs of the Moon into a GIF. SDO will also get an eclipse display in August, after the total eclipse left the United States, according to The Verge.