Mens Style Classic That We Are Addicted To

Every man must be able to adjust the clothes that are used with the event that is attended, including when using a shirt. Of course you won’t use a formal shirt to play on weekends with friends. Likewise, it is impossible for you to wear a shirt that is not collared for formal events. That is the reason why shirts have various models that can be adapted to each activity. To find out more, you can check out the summary of the nine most classic men’s shirts and must have the following.

  1. Dress shirt
    Starting from a shirt that must have at least one in your closet, that is a shirt dress. You must have a formal shirt with classic white color as a handle if you have to look more dressed up at any time. Try the shirt has pieces that fit your body because it is the hallmark of a dress shirt that can give a sharp impression when used. In addition to being able to be used in conjunction with a suit for a formal occasion, you can easily combine these shirts with matching smart-casual styles.
  2. Oxford shirts
    One of the oldest shirt models is an oxford shirt that has been used for more than a hundred years. The model of an oxford shirt that can be loved so far is the reason why you have to have this shirt. Oxford shirts are more appropriate for casual events because the materials used are usually thicker than most shirts. In addition, the oxford shirt has a distinctive button-down collar that is synonymous with casual appearance. This shirt model can also adapt to various dress codes because of its versatile model.
  3. Grandad shirt
    Looking for a shirt that can give a vintage touch to your appearance? Grandad shirt is the most appropriate choice. Most grandad shirts only have four buttons at the top, but this shirt model is becoming more modern with more buttons than that. This shirt model also does not have a collar and is made of cotton fabric or linan that offers comfort when worn. Those are some of the reasons why this shirt is very suitable for use in informal activities.
  4. Denim shirts
    Denim can be found in various clothing models, including shirts. The denim shirt itself will inject a masculine and casual appearance when worn. You can use a denim shirt with a blazer to get a smart-casual style. The challenge of wearing a denim shirt is when you use the same pants. Can be done, but a little tricky. One of the tips to keep in mind is to make sure the denim tops are darker than the pants.
  5. Chambray shirts
    Chambray shirts are the answer for those of you who want to get a denim shirt-style appearance, but with a lighter choice of materials. That is also the reason why people often mistakenly distinguish chambray shirts from denim shirts. The advantage of having this shirt is that whatever you use with chambray shirts will look stylish. Although it’s easy to pair with a variety of clothing models, make sure not to use jeans with matching colors that can make you look like you are wearing a uniform.
  6. Short sleeve shirt
    Already discussing various models of long-sleeved shirts, do not make short-sleeved shirts less popular. Short-sleeved shirts are clothes that are identical to summer style, meaning that they are suitable for use at any time in Indonesia. Shirts with various colors or motifs can be chosen to be a statement of appearance that suits your personality. Want to look more trendy? You can also play on the collar model. One of the most popular models of the past few seasons is the cuban collar shirt.
  7. Overshirt
    Try overshirt lyrics for those of you who want to go out at night, but are too lazy to use a jacket or sweater. The thicker ingredients make this one shirt can protect you from the night wind. However, you can also look for lighter overshirt to use as an outfit from a T-shirt. When using this shirt model, simplicity is the wisest style to apply. Just use a shirt with basic colors like navy or cream and pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers.
  8. Plaid shirt
    The most classic motif of the shirt that you must have is boxes. This one shirt model can be used for casual activities and gives the impression of being laid back on your appearance. You can also adjust the plaid shirt with materials according to weather conditions. Going when the weather is cold? You can choose cotton shirts. If the temperature is heating up, you can choose a loose fit design for a shirt that is suitable as a summer staple.
  9. Lynen shirt
    Often when the weather is hot you can produce a lot of sweat when using a shirt. The sign is you have to replace the shirt with a material that is lighter and breathable like linan. Linan shirts usually have the most basic colors like white and blue that must be in your closet. You can pair linen shirts with jeans or chino to make it look more relaxed. Or if you want to get an effortless impression, you can also roll up your sleeve and use it with shorts.

Those were classic shirt models that men must have. You can start collecting one by one.