How To Make A Strong Flexitarian Diet

How To Make A Strong Flexitarian Diet. There are so many types of diet and diet planning. Diet carbo, vegetarian diet, and so forth.

Each comes along with the promise of a more fit body, body slim and so forth. Finally you are confused to sort out and choose which diet is good yag and not.

That’s why the flexitarian diet is on the rise. What is a flexitarian diet?

The word flexitarian already listed in the Oxford Dictionaries notes the definition. People who undergo a major vegetarian diet but sometimes eat meat or fish.

This diet was created by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. The woman who is also the author of The Flexitarian Diet claims, plant-based food as the main menu is a powerful way to reduce caloric intake.

According to Blatner, this diet method comes from the understanding that not everyone can commit to being vegetarian. Therefore, the mission of this diet is to avoid consumption of meat wherever possible, to eliminate excess weight and become more healthy with ease.

Flexitarian is a two-word, flexible and vegetarian blend. In his book Blatner reveals the flexitarian facts – people who practice this diet – he weighs 15 percent lighter than the carnivores.

In addition, they are also noted to have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Blatner further claimed the followers of this diet lived about 3.6 years longer.