Give Mommy 30 Minutes And Give Your Kids Chore Chart

Give Mommy 30 Minutes And Give Your Kids Chore Chart . Involving children in domestic work means educating them responsibly, understanding the value of hard work, appreciating, and having useful abilities. If children do not learn from parents at home, they tend to learn the hard way. Here are some tips from the Familyshare page to train household chores for children.

1. Give clear instructions
In order for your child to help you tidy up the house, you can tell the child to take clothes, fold, or arrange the clothes in their closet. This is so that children do not feel confused.

2. Through the game
Games can motivate children to do great work quickly, especially if there is a reward. For example, if you want children to tidy things around the house, create time limits and create matches. Who tidies most items will be rewarded. The game is always changing for every job.

3. Make a list of jobs
Make a list of jobs that children can help according to the child’s age. You can create a child’s task list chart with different images and colors for each job, as well as a reward mark that they get. It aims to motivate children.

4. Encourage to continue to help
If the child’s work is not as expected, do not reproach him. Giving a hint that what you do does not satisfy you can make your child feel no need to help anymore because you can do it better. Do not object if things are not perfect. Encourage and teach children to keep doing their best.

5. Give praise
Praise encourages the child to want to study it again. In fact, if you want to make corrections, give praise in advance, then congratulate on the work he has done well.

Giving spirit is a learning process of children become more mature and responsible. Children need to learn as early as possible. But keep in mind what the child does depends on their age. For example, 2-3 year olds can put shoes and toys in place.