50 Ideas To spark Your Home Gym

50 Ideas To spark Your Home Gym.

How to Fitnes or Sports at Home:

1. Push up
Push ups are latians that train the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominal core muscles. This exercise is very popular for those who do fitness and exercise at home because this is an effective exercise to get a chest field and burn calories. How to do is place your palms on the floor, stretch your body backwards, then use the tip of the foot sebgai pedestal. Lower your hand until your elbows form a 90 degree angle and then lift it back to its original position. Do as much as you can and the results will soon be visible on your body.

2. Crunch
Crunch is an exercise for abdominal muscles. Crunch is more practical than sit ups because it can be done without having to support our feet. The way to crunch is to lie down and lift the knee to the foot with a triangle-shaped floor. Push the upper body forward until it tilts 30 degrees from the floor. Do it repeatedly according to the number of sets you have specified.

3. Plank
Plank is a balance exercise with central body strength. Plank trained the arms, shoulders, abdomen, and thigh muscles. Plank is very effective for the formation of abdominal muscles to be flat and tight.
How to do this is to paste your elbows on the floor, then span your body and use your toe as a pedestal, hold this position for as long as possible.
4. Squat jump
Squat jump is an exercise that concentrates the formation of the leg muscles, especially the calf muscles. This exercise is very easy, you just stand and then squat and stand by jumping, do it repeatedly. To be more challenging, you can hold a squat position a few seconds before standing again.
5. Jumping jack
Jumping jacks are exercises by moving the whole body. Jumping jack is done by jumping by opening the legs and clapping hands over the head. This is an easy sport but burns a lot of calories.
6. High knee running in place
High knee running in place is done by running in place with the knee parallel to the hip. Do as long as you can to burn more calories.
7. Lunge
Lunge is a sport that focuses on your leg muscles, especially the thigh muscles. The trick from a standing position, step one foot forward until the knee of the other foot almost on the floor. To add to his challenge, hold the position when the knee almost touches the floor for a few seconds before standing again.
Tricep dip.
Tricep dip train tricep muscle. The way put your hands behind your back, use your hands to support the body with the fingers facing forward. Straighten your legs forward and use your heels as your pedestal. lower the body slowly and then raise again. To be more effective use the chair as a support of the hand.
9. Burpees
Burpees is a combination movement of push ups and jumps, this exercise targets the entire body muscle. The way do push ups and stand while jumping. This exercise is very effective to burn calories.
10 Step up.
Step up is up and down movements like being up the stairs. Can be done on stairs or with chairs. Make moves quickly to maximize fat burning.