45+ How To Rock Your Holidays Milkshake Shooters

How To Rock Your Holidays Milkshake Shooters. The term milkshake, as the name implies, is a mixture of milk (shakes) that are stirred (shake). In England, milkshakes are a mixture of milk with flavored syrup, without ice cream. If the ice cream added its name to Frappe. There are also Smoothies ice milkshakes without ice cream mixed with fruits. While in Canada and America, milkshakes are a mixture of milk, ice cream, fruits, chocolate sauce and whipped cream as a complement

Outside the country, milkshakes are a common beverage menu served in fast food and restaurants, in addition to soft drinks and beer. Any counter milkshake dealer has a way that is not always the same in mixing milkshakes. But the milkshake must always be stirred with a blender tool, not stirred or shaken by hand.

There is even a special blender type for milkshakes, where the milkshake mixture with other ingredients is stirred automatically at a steady pace to produce a smooth and flat milkshake.

As with American, in Indonesia milkshake using basic ingredients of ice cream. Taste of ice cream commonly used adalag: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. But in line with consumer wishes are also used mint ice cream, coffee, mocca etc. In addition to ice cream, milkshakes need to be added another ingredient to taste more delicious such as:

Chocolate Chip
Fruits (banana, cherry, Strawberry, etc)
Various flavor syrup (Caramel, chocolate, coffee)
Yogurt, etc.
The process of making and supplementing milkshake is quite diverse compared to other beverages. Many people choose to buy milkshakes in cafes or restaurants rather than making their own,, whereas a cafe-style milkshake you can make yourself at home with ease.