30+ Best of Winter Boudior Photography Ideas

Winter boudior photography is a special type of photography that I have fallen in love with over the past few years. It is the kind of photography that puts you inside the scenes where nature and the snow do their amazing work. In this article I will discuss my experience with winter boudior photography with my client Alex. We have both been freelance photographers for many years but met up with Alex about six years ago. He was moving to New Zealand and wanted to capture the beautiful scenery so I helped him use his new equipment so we could all photograph the same scenes but in totally different ways.

There are many types of winter boudior snow pictures you can take. I found that taking landscape pictures from high up in a snowbank was quite difficult, so I concentrated on photographing the same scenes in totally different positions. Most of the time I asked Alex to be very still and narrow in his shots while sometimes I let go and had a go at taking an image with the wind pushing at the front of the photo and the wind pushing at the back. Most of the times the results were fantastic with the snow coming alive around you.

Snow can be such an inspiration. It gives you so much power to create such beautiful images. My favourite winter boudoir photos are the ones where the snow has not fallen drastically and everything is very still. I think that it is quite emotional to see snow starting to melt and knowing that we can still have amazing photographs like that.