20 What To Do With 4 Wheel For Children

What To Do With 4 Wheel For Children. Scooter pedal, child scooter with pedal. No more scooters on the floor. This scooter is the same as a regular child scooter, but there are additional pedals to genjot scooter. This child’s scooter is like a 3-wheel bike, no need to balance the body like when riding a bike. It’s safer for your child.

Play becomes more cool without having to run for scooter genjot. In addition, this child scooter can also:
1. Sports. Train coordination movements. The pedals can make the legs, abdomen, waist, and body become stronger.
2. Safe play facilities
3. Close transportation. Can work like a child’s bicycle. Because no longer need to run, this scooter can be encouraged with the pedal to speed 10 km / hour. If you want to play to a friend’s house is not too far distance, use this scooter aja.