15 Ways To Monochromatic Kitchen (You Won’t Believe #11)

Many people are reluctant to choose monochrome as their kitchen design. The color that is only about white and black is considered to have a boring appearance. Though monochrome is a color that has benefits for the home, especially the minimalist home model. Monochrome is able to give a broad impression on small sized spaces. Besides this color is also able to give the impression of a very modern room.

Now, it’s time to change the look of your kitchen with a choice of monochrome designs. Do not hesitate to create a kitchen room with a black and white design to get a visualization of a modern and cool kitchen. As a complement to your monochrome kitchen inspiration, here are some tips on designing kitchen space with a choice of monochrome color schemes.

If your kitchen is not so wide, then the first step to getting a monochrome design and broad impression is the color of the wall. The use of white as the color of the wall is the most appropriate choice. Bright colors including white are colors that can give a broad impression to your small kitchen.

The wall in your kitchen is white and you don’t want to change it, so just leave it. You can combine or combine it with natural accents with the use of wood floors on the floor, table and or furniture.

Bring a blue frame to the door and window to make a thick linear demarcation. This blue structure will give a strong monochrome impression to your kitchen. As a sweetener, use glass sheets for doors and windows.

Also use blue-colored furniture and furniture in a kitchen room dominated by white. You can present it on a blue table, end the table until the carpet is blue.