15 Natural Wonders in Europe

Europe Natural Wonder

As you learn more about the website, you will see wonders of nature you might not have hear about, learn more regarding the importance of each nature wonder, and make a passion for wanting to visit and personal experience your treasured European wonders of nature. Make certain it’s one with visitors from in your target demographic. In the center of Apuseni Mountains from western Romania a perfect destination for one-day trip is situated. Just as it’s the most beautiful underground sightseeing on earth.

Berchtesgaden national park – germany 1
Berchtesgaden national park – Germany 1
The verdon gorge – france 15
The verdon gorge – France 15
The northern lights – finland, norway, sweden, iceland 14
The northern lights – Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland 14
The fjords – norway 13
The fjords – Norway 13
Santorini – greece 12
Santorini – Greece 12
Plitvice lakes national park – croatia 11
Plitvice lakes national park – Croatia 11
Melissani cave – greece 10
Melissani cave – Greece 10
Matterhorn – the swiss italian border 9
Matterhorn – the Swiss Italian border 9
Faroe islands – denmark 8
Faroe islands – Denmark 8
European wonders cairngorms scotland 7
European wonders cairngorms Scotland 7
Eisriesenwelt – austria 6
Eisriesenwelt – Austria 6
Durmitor national park – montenegro 5
Durmitor national park – Montenegro 5
Douro river valley – portugal 4
Douro river valley – Portugal 4
Cairngorms national park in scotland – united kingdom 3
Cairngorms national park in Scotland –Uunited Kingdom 3
Cabo de gata níjar natural park – spain 2
Cabo de gata níjar natural park – Spain 2

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park in Montenegro is one of the continent’s most magnificent natural treasures. Among its many splendors, the park is home to the Tara River Canyon, which runs for 80 kilometers and reaches a depth of 1,300 meters.

The Melissani Cave

Hidden away on the Greek isle of Kelafonia in the Ionian Sea. The Melissani Cave has clear waters that makes boats appeared to be floating in the air. The lake’s bottom is covered with stones. Plants grow at the opening of the cave. The color of the stone near the opening is stucco to honey-like brown. The centerpiece of the cave is a wide opening to the sky where the overhanging rocky roof collapsed several thousand years ago.

Santorini, Greece

Known for its white-walled, blue-topped domiciles, it is the remnants of a resurrecting volcano that blew its lid in an enormous eruption around 3,500 years ago. What once was a round island then became what is seen today, a rim of broken shards. In 1707, a small, smoldering island reemerged from beneath the waters, and volcanic activity has continued to the present day

Visiting natural wonder will freshen your mind and light up your inspirational idea. Nature have been merciful to human and giving us beautiful place to see.