10+ Why Burlap Is Actually Good For Your Bussiness

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) is the driving force of the nation’s economy. Through the creative hands of business actors of this type, are born products of quality crafts. Interestingly, the capital spent to start a business of SMEs should not be large. As does Endang Sulistiowati, craftsman bag from gunny sack. He admitted the initial capital is not up to Rp1 million. Moreover, the basic ingredients to produce a burlap bag – the name for the burlap sack cloth – is quite cheap. From the burlap material, he managed to juggle a variety of beautiful bags. Whereas usually this type of jute cloth is only used as a sack of rice and has no sale value.

The initial idea to create a bag creation from the burlap sack originated from his desire to make a birthday present for his son’s friend. “At that time, my son want give birthday gift to his friend, of course want special and different. Finally I try to make a handbag from gunny sack. Uh, from there difficulting comes, many who wants to buy. I began to produce bags of burlap sacks, “said Endang who almost three years in the burlap cloth business. Various bags he has produced such as handbags, tote bags, and sideways. All use the main material of burlap sacks. In order to look more attractive, Endang also mix some additional fabrics such as cotton, satin and coloring a burlap sack is generally brown or white with a variety of colors.

The process of making sack bags is partly not only cut and sewed, but some are made by knitting. Maybe if not paid attention carefully people do not know if the material used is just a burlap sack. Every month, Endang with the help of two employees can produce about 75 bags of different shapes each. The product is made by hand (handmade). As a result, burlap sacks are quite cheap price, after a bag price set from Rp55.000 to Rp.225.000. Beautiful bags made by Endang are often included in the exhibition and can be found at the location of the center of UMKM Surabaya. One of them is on the 2nd floor of House of Sampoerna Museum (HOS), housed in the shop table top. A variety of beautiful colorful bags on display in the area. “We indeed support the development of SMEs, especially in East Java, therefore we accommodate them in this place to become a place to introduce products of quality UMKM,” said Museum and Marketing Manager HOS Rani Anggraeni.